Line of Credit

Line of Credit or Second Mortgage?

So, you need to get money easily and you think about the possibility of using your home equity in order to get a loan. You know that you can apply for a second mortgage as well as for a home equity line of credit … but what is the best choice? The current article in our blog will analyze the differences between the two types of loans to help you decide which type of loan is the most appropriate for you.

A home equity line of credit actually works like a credit card, the main difference is that your credit limit is much higher and your loan is secure. Your credit limit is based on an amount as a percentage of the value of your home. The maximum of this percentage usually reaches something like 75%.

You can repay a home equity loan whenever you want, and you can withdraw from this loan at any time during the term of your loan. At the end of your term, you will be required to repay the entire balance.

The term of a home equity line of credit is generally 3, 5 or 10 years. This makes this option ideal for short-term investments or for tackling short-term money issues.

On the other hand, if you need a loan for a long-term investment, then a second mortgage would be more appropriate in your case. If you want to improve some aspects or make additions to your home, the ideal would be to opt for a second mortgage. With a second mortgage, you will get a sum of money directly and you can use it as you wish.

What is a second mortgage? A second mortgage is a second priority loan after your first mortgage. It tends to have a higher interest rate than the first mortgage rate for that very reason.

Remember that you can also refinance your current mortgage for a better rate. If you are already advanced in your mortgage right now, it is very likely that you can refinance and negotiate for a better rate. This is a great way to get extra money and save money on your current mortgage.

All these loans come with additional closing costs.

To summarize briefly: Our advice is this: for short-term investments, you should choose a home equity line of credit; for a long-term investment, you should look for a second mortgage. Of course, depending on your situation, our advice may not be suitable for you. It is easier to talk to one of our loan specialists to determine the best solution.