It’s time to fight for business customers

It’s time to fight for business customers
Next year, Weird Sisters Financial Advisors will celebrate the thirteenth year of functioning on the market and that thirteen will be happy, the company focused on the development and expansion of the product offer. Weird Sisters will focus on expanding the business customer service department and offer for companies.

Member of the company’s supervisory board,

Member of the company

Admits, Weird Sisters is associated with a mortgage offer. And in fact, the company in this segment has built a strong foundation, which pays off, which is confirmed by sales results and a strong position in the ranking of the Association of Financial Consulting Companies. Weird Sisters implements its policy of expansion into other products consistently, but in stages.

Three years ago, the company began work on expanding the insurance offer, and above all building a nationwide team of advisors specializing in consulting in these products. The goal has been achieved and now, in each branch, clients have financial experts at their disposal who are fluent in insurance offers.

We started with mortgage loans and until we were sure that we had an established and strong position in this area, we refrained from expanding the business. The introduction of the insurance offer was a test for us which we passed. Therefore, we are ready to further expand our blue ocean. The time has come to fight for participation in the cake of products for corporate clients – says Adam Cwynar.

The era of a very large number of offers


For both individual and business clients, it is difficult to expect from advisors to know all the offers for one other group. I have over 600 different offers in the mortgages and that’s it in business products. Hence the need to separate competences, which is why the company began its expansion by building a team of experts who, as part of the new business product department, will pursue their goals.

As emphasized by Maciej Skobelski, Director of the business products department, products for companies are sold differently than for individual customers. – It’s like tailoring a suit. Before finding the right offer, you need to ask the client a lot of detailed questions, because often the choice of the offer can be determined by the details.

In corporate loans

In corporate loans

We do not only rely on basic indicators, but we also look at revenues, growth dynamics, trends in recent years, we examine profitability, liquidity, operational efficiency, capital and debt ratios, we look at corporate and private liabilities, recipients and suppliers matter, customer experience in the industry and many more.

We get to know the entire company from the inside out and we are just beginning to choose the most suitable offers – explains Skobelski. – In addition, the service of the company is not only a loan, it is also other products that will help the company achieve higher revenues / income / profits that will allow the company to grow (leasing, factoring, but also alternative sources of financing).