Payday advance lenders

Free payday loan

How much can I borrow

You can borrow DKK 4,000 free of charge on the first payday loan, without paying a monthly interest, and a maximum of DKK 15,000 as an existing customer.

How old should I be in order to apply for a payday loan

You must be at least 19 years old before you can get a payday loan here.

Can I get a payday loan despite RKI?

You cannot borrow money here if you are registered in the Debtor Register.

When is the payday loan paid out?

Payment of the credit takes place after only 30 minutes during the opening hours.

When should the payday loan be repaid?

You must at least pay the interest on your payday loan once a month. Otherwise, there is no maturity on the payday loan.

6 payday loan requirements:

  • You must be at least 19 years of age
  • Danish citizen
  • Have an address in Denmark
  • Danish Phone Number
  • Danish bank account

6 Benefits.

  1. credit of up to DKK 15,000
  2. Answer in seconds
  3. The first credit you get interest-free for 30 days.
  4. Will be automatically reported to SKAT
  5. The money will be paid out 30 minutes after you are approved
  6. You decide for yourself what you want to spend the money on.
  7. Look at your profile page when and how much you have to pay in installments.

How do I borrow money for free?

 Once you have completed and approved your application to borrow money with your ID, you will receive an answer directly on the screen. You do not even have to wait for an answer to your application when you borrow money here. Simbo’s payday loans also endeavor to pay out your credit within 30 minutes of their opening hours.

There is nothing worse than a slow and cumbersome payday loan process when you want to borrow money immediately. They have taken that into account. You can borrow money for free because it is both quick and easy to get a credit and thus borrow money for what you are missing. You apply via their website, where you can simply use their payday loan calculator to choose your desired credit amount.

Then you need to complete an online payday loan application, which should not take much more than one minute to complete. Payment of the payday loan is made immediately that you have been approved and you have signed the payday loan agreement.

The payday loan is paid 30 minutes after you are approved.

Free payday loan for 30 days.

Free payday loan for 30 days.

Normally you have to pay interest from day 1 when you find an online payday loan site, and this can mean that you lose courage from the start. But with free payday loans you get some time for free, where you avoid this. Next, you will find that you get an interest rate of 19%, which is something you obviously need to know why they also make this clear on the website where it is clear.

Here you are offered SMS payday loans for you from the age of 19. If you choose to borrow money online, there are probably two good reasons for this. First, there is a high probability that you want it to be fast. It is the primary reason why people choose to find a place to borrow money online. This payday loan is a very good option as it is very quick to stand with a desire to borrow money to actually have them. In addition, it’s really easy, which is also one of the reasons many people mention when they say why they choose online payday loans. Then you are looking to borrow money online, then look past their website, probably they will live up to the requirements you have for an online payday loan provider.

Credit of SEK 15,000.

Are you standing and considering a cheaper payday loan? Then this credit option might be for you. Here, credits up to DKK 15,000 are offered for an indefinite period.

If you are a new customer, you can only borrow up to DKK 4,000, but in return you have the opportunity to get the first credit completely interest-free and free of charge for up to 30 days. To borrow money here is both quick and easy, and as a customer it is not difficult to live up to their few requirements. So, getting a free payday loan has many benefits.

How to apply for a payday loan at

Get first credit interest free

Get first credit interest free


When you are a new customer you have the opportunity to borrow money completely free of interest for the first 30 days. They have chosen to give all new customers the opportunity to get their first credit completely free of interest for up to 30 days. With this arrangement, you thus get the opportunity to test the payday loan completely interest-free and free of charge. Cheaper interest free payday loans for 30 days so you can better decide if it’s the right payday loan for you.

Benefits of borrowing money.

As a customer you get many benefits when you borrow money. Here, they primarily offer an online credit without hidden interest and fees. Here you get a completely transparent credit, where you only pay a fixed monthly interest rate for the payday loan. In addition, in most cases you can get a cheaper payday loan by borrowing money from them. When you borrow money from them, they automatically make sure to report the payday loan to SKAT.

This means that they make sure to report the interest on your payday loan so that you (1) even have to do so, and (2) ultimately save money on tax. They have learned that the vast majority of their customers will be able to experience approx. 1/3 of their interest rates are returned, which helps make your payday loan cheaper. So there is money to save by taking up a cheaper payday loan.

Not only does this give you the opportunity to decide how long you want to borrow money, and how and when you want to pay off the credit. So you get a payday loan scheme that is smarter than, for example, a mobile payday loan, a cheap quick payday loan first payday loan free or an SMS payday loan when you borrow money. In this connection you have the opportunity to borrow up to DKK 15,000, and then it does not take much more than one minute. They also ensure that the payment of your payday loan is automatically made as soon as possible.